CBD Sleep Spray

CBD Sleep Spray

CBD Sleep Spray
You deserve a good night’s rest! When we are young, Melatonin, a natural occurring hormone in the brain, is released to promote sleep at night.

You deserve a good night’s rest!

When we are young, Melatonin, a natural occurring hormone in the brain, is released to promote sleep at night.

Unfortunately, as we age, environmental factors such as artificial light reduce the Melatonin our bodies are able to produce, resulting in lack of sleep.

Our Sleep Support Spray is combined with a special blend of CBD, Melatonin & nutrients to help promote a long & restful sleep.

This product is great for those experiencing difficulty falling or staying asleep! It helps to improve your quality of sleep with no groggy feeling the next day!

Our unique blend of nutrients has been specially selected to help you sleep faster and maintain a healthy sleep cycle. These nutrients are absorbed orally – almost instantly.

They promote good sleep habits & help fight insomnia. Contains CBD, Melatonin & Valerian Root.

Scientifically tested to be safe & effective! Adults spray two (2) sprays into mouth 15 min before bedtime, daily as desired.

For best results spray under tongue, hold for a few seconds, then swallow.

60 Day Guarantee
60 Day Guarantee

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Update on Hemp Cbd Oil in Canada

1 Canada update! 

Our Canadian regulatory experts have told us we should be getting all our CTFO hemp products certified for sale in Canada in a matter of weeks, not months!

We are working with these regulatory and compliance experts to do everything necessary to get CTFO hemp products back to our Canadian Members ASAP.

The best 750 Cbd Oil in Canada & USA
The best 750 Cbd Oil in Canada & USA

We appreciate your understanding of this situation and your patience while we complete this process.

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Australia – Legality of CBD Oil (Cannabidiol)

Australia – Legality of CBD Oil (Cannabidiol)

Cbd for people living in Australia

Cbd oil (the full spectrum extract) was classified as a Schedule 4 on Oct 1, 2017

The schedule 4 means that the Cbd oil must be prescribed and supplies
by a Pharmacy. Doctors have to be registered under the Safe Access Scheme,
and the products need to registered the TGA. They also be for single prescribe
use. ( Clear as Mud).

The question of is Cbd oil legal to buy from outside of Australia and have
it shipped to you?     Yes!

But it has to be prescribed by a Doctor and you have to meet some conditions.

At this time there are very few Doctors who can and will fill the prescriptions
and there is red tape.

One company that ships into Australia is a US company, being from the US
which has some of the most demanding and strict laws regarding hemp CBD
and being legal in 50 States it is probably the purest most potent CBD OIL on the planet.

It’s organic, pestiside and contaminate free.

At the time of  this writing delays of shipments will probably occur as
rule and regulations are constantly changing.

This a good time for the action takers, the movers and shakers who believe
in the Hemp CBD product to position themselves in the Company to earn some great income
as legislation changes and eases up.

A closer look can be seen at Buy Hemp Cbd Products .com this will take you the
a site that will give you more information about the product and the business
opportunity that goes with it.

You can also read about why all CBD Products are not equal.

Orgainic vs Synthetic Hemp Cbd in Australia
Orgainic vs Synthetic Hemp

Hemp Cbd Oil 750 mg

Hemp Cbd Oil 750 mg

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The Cbd herbal drops that are grown on farms in the US are a Full Spectrum Cbd. These Cbd drops are affordable, high in quality and delivered right to your door anywhere in the US and Canada With it’s very low or no Thc makes this product legal in all … Continue reading “Hemp Cbd Oil 750 mg”
Buy Cbd in Alberta
Buy Cbd in Alberta
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